Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Aonghus's Camp Recount

Bridge Valley
Ring ring I woke up my heart was pounding. It was the first day of camp. I had not packed. I ran into the lounge I grabbed my suitcase, ran back into my room and read the list of things and put them in. Once I was ready I got my normal bag ready and went off to school. About 15 later we arrived at school. I unpacked my gear and we drove to our destination. When we got there we put our luggage away in our cabins. Then all of us started on our first activity, high ropes.

I felt nervous at first. We started with a practice when we got through the practice we started doing it. The first one was easy but they got harder. The 2nd one wasn't so bad. It was a thick string of wire with handles and a rope going down. At the end of the rope was a loop to put your foot into.

I miss camp it was really fun.

By Aonghus

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