Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Aurora's Camp Recount


I woke up I was so NERVOUS &  EXCITED!!! I got dressed, eat breakfast, Ben gave me a bear hug, I swag to my room and packed. I raced to my bag like a cheetah getting ready to pounce but then slowly tears dripped from my eyes now I was so SAD. I calmed down and walked to the car I jumped in HOLD ON I nearly forgot to tell you that I text my dad in the morning “hi dad love you can’t wait to see you I'm EXCITED & NERVOUS I LOVE you sooo much “ {send} “me to love you soooooooooooo much :) :) ;) ;) “ I got to school and said goodbye. Mum left. Mr C started talking junk. When he was done we jumped into our cars. I was so excited to see my dad. When we finally got there I saw my dad. He walked across the road. I hugged him so hard that he popped liked a balloon. I was so happy to see him. So excited to see him. We looked and walked around. “Dad look there is a lake,” I said. Yay. Dad saw something. A sign. The sign said wait.

written by AURORA age:7

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