Thursday, March 16, 2017

Carmyn's Camp Recount

Very awesome bridge valley camp
Firstly I woke up and my heart was beating and I was so excited that I nearly
Screamed. When we got to school I was so nervous and I did not want to get out of the car but I did. I  found the people that were coming to camp with us then I couldn’t find my mum and I Freakedout. I  was  looking everywhere for mum then I looked in the staff room
And mum was in there so I calmed down and then I wasn’t so terrified.

Then Mr Cullen whistled we had to go on the deck And he was giving us instructions. after that we left and  I was smiling and Hayden was Sitting in the front. on the way there when we stopped I got a bee sting and I screamed Because  it stung  a lot  and it hurt.  I thought I was  going to  have a good start to the Day  but  when  I  got  the bee  sting I thought that I didn’t have a good  start  to the day.

When I got there I had a look around and the camp was big, I mean massive like Takaka Primary. Then Mr Cullen whistled again, we had to sit in our groups.

First I went to high ropes. When we got there we had to put on a harness. Then we had to check our harness. When they have checked it we can put on our helmet and we have to check the strap. After that we line up in a straight line and when the last person gets in line we get a type of rope with two hooks on it and a attachment on it and they attached it to the hole on the harness. Then we went on the practice lines. Then we go and start. We go higher and higher. On the high rope my favourite thing was the flying fox.

It was an awesome camp.

By Carmyn


  1. I loved your story Poppet. Your story took me right back to the high ropes, well done.
    Mum xxoo

  2. I thought you were so brave when you got a bee sting, you were still smiling your big happy smile. You are awesome. What a great story , I loved watching you have fun on the flying fox. Well done, Keri