Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gabriel's Camp Recount

My Favourite thing was swimming. There were two slides, a little water slide and a big hydroslide. On the big hydroslide you had to go on little mats. I went with Nyree together. When she went behind me we went fast but when she went in front of me we went as fast as light. I went the next day with Tyler. It was the same with tyler. When Tyler went in front of me we went faster. When he went behind me we went slower.

On the little water slide you were only allowed to go alone because it was so fast you would skid across the water.

My second favourite thing were the high ropes. On our harnesses were carabinas, one locked the other one was open. You would clip the open one onto the rope then you would twezel it so the one which was on the rope was closed. Then the other one would go open you would clip it on to the rope then you would go and balance on a rope and do lots of different stuff.  Me and Emma were going the long way.  The others had to go the short way.  

The third most thing I liked was abseiling.  You would have to put a harness on and a helmet and a glove.  Then you would have to work yourself through the caving system.  I didn’t like the caving system.  So I went with Emma.  She showed me the way up.  When you got up Q would put a rope around your harness so if you fall down you wouldn’t die.  Then it was my turn.  I put the rope through the figure 8 device.  Then I went down.  I had butterflies in my tummy.  

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