Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hugo's Camp Recount

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr the brakes  growled like a dying bear! We all jumped out to bridge valley!

hydroslide whoosh I think I was going faster than a rocket! I was whooshing round the corners.  Then splash into the murky water.

another cool activity was diving board. 3.2.1 go weeeeeeeeeeee then splash i went down down then whoosh i came back up.

This is another awesome activity. It was caving  owf owf owf owf people making gorilla noises. so we were  climbing then there was a wasp nest on the right wasp and a wasp nest on the left, wasp nest on the roof. Then ahhhhh, we all sprinted down to the bottom. Everyone was freaked except a couple of people.

Water slide. Neroooow. I felt like lightning mcqueen. I couldn’t see because I was going backwards on my knees. I was going down then oh no, my feet got stuck at the bottom so I landed on… my back.  

That’s my cool story about camp.

By Hugo     

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