Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jack's Camp Recount

We were pulling in the drive i seen the bridge valley sign my heart was pounding  with excitement  and a little fear we were the last ones to get there.

The lady who works there gave us a safety briefing  after that we were given our cabin groups. Logan unloaded the trailer I saw my stuff i picked it up and ran but all the top bunks were full so i slept on the bottom bunk.

RAFT RACE we went down to the lake we got 10 minutes to build a raft
4 people went on the raft at once. My team won it felt good after that we had lunch it was wraps and lamington it was yum.  We went swimming first I went down the hydra slide it was fun.

We went on the high ropes course I went round the whole course it was fun
I went around 2 times. We went back to our cabins to clean them Mr C came and told us to go get dinner it was pie and salad it was yum .

It was my best camp yet i loved it . thanks to all the parents and teachers that made this possible .

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