Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kahu's Camp Recount

Bridge Valley Camp

I woke up. What’s the day today? It’s school camp! How did it get to be school camp so fast? I could hear my mum in the kitchen so I got out of bed and walked into the lounge. After I had eaten my breakfast me and my mum got into the car and drove to school. We had to wait about four minutes before we were ready to go. When we finally did I was relieved to finally be going to Bridge Valley camp.

When we arrived at Bridge Valley Camp, I opened the car door. Bridge Valley Camp looked awesome. The first thing our group did was orienteering. You had to have a map of the camp and a sheet of paper that had the numbers on the wooden slabs that you had to find. Some of them were really hard to find.

After that we did kayaking we had a race and we made a wharf with the kayaks.

The next day we were going rock climbing. It was really high up, I felt quite scared. When I got to the top, I looked down and never knew that I had climbed so high. When everyone had done it at least two times each, we went to the high ropes course. It was awesome, Lochie was in front of me and he couldn’t reach the tweezles so I had to help him the whole way through. Gabriel and Emma went the long way, but everyone else went the short way because we were running out of time. When everyone had gotten down, we ran back to the main room.

I really enjoyed this camp.

By Kahu

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