Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kiyo's Camp Recount

Awesome Bridge Valley Camp

We were pulling up Bridge Valley adventure camp. My car was going crazy. When we got there I was so Excited.

What we did at camp: caving, low ropes, raft race, high ropes, hydro slide, iron man race, top team, abseiling, and rock climbing.

The first thing we did was kayaking with Jodie. I didn't want to fall in because I didn't want to get bitten by a eel.

I liked the raft race too it was fun. My team won.The giant lake was so cold.

It was time for the hydro slide. I went down I was going so fast. When I was going back up I stepped on a eel.The coolest activity was the hydro slide. I was scared at first but when I did it it was so exciting.

By Kiyo

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