Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Max's Camp Recount

Bridge Valley Camp Motupipi  

I woke up. I knew it was time. I was scared. No terrified. Ok time to go. Let’s do this. Then Mr M came with the music cranking. I jumped in we made a band. Sonny drummed Rian bett boxed Hugo...just...just said flowers but it sounded good and I did pro rapping. Then we came up the driveway then I saw the place. It made me less scared but still home sick. I saw the sign it said Bridge Valley. I jumped out I saw all my friend’s we saw our cabins. It looked pretty good. I set up my bed so  did my roommates. There names are Joe, Jay, Sonny, Tray and Tarn. It was a nice day. We played in the playground. It got dark. We had dinner we got chicken pie it was so good. Then we got to play for a bit. Then we had to go back in where we had dinner. We got a milo and two biscuits. We watched a slideshow about camp. Then it was bed time we got in our pajamas then I fall asleep. I was so tired. I woke up it was morning we had breakfast now I miss camp.      

By Max

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