Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Taylor's Camp Recount

 Bridge Valley
Yay we're here! I opened the Door and grabbed my camping bag. I could not take the rest. Toby could not either we both had to come back for the rest of our bags. We ran to cabin 5. We unpacked and made our bed. I had a bed by the window. Rian and Ryan had the two bottom bunks. The cabin mattresses were so comfy. They had toilets and showers. They looked so  cool. When were done we ran to the adventure playground. When we got to the top we heard a whistle. Toby said “did that mean we have to go back.”

“I think so”

‘Ryan and Rian said “let's go”

Georgia told us were to meet if there is a fire. Then Mr Cullen gave us our groups, me, Joe, Emma, Kahu, and Lochie. We were going Kayaking Jodie told us how to paddle and how to get in. I was the first one in. I raced Joe out to the soccer nets. That was how far we could go. After 10 minutes we could play a game of soccer. After that we left. We also did rock climbing. That was fun, but what I liked best was kayaking. We had three more days to go of fun.

By Taylor

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