Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rian's Camp Recount

Rian’s Awesome Camp Recount

Ha! Ha! I was paddling full speed towards Taylor and Toby I paddled straight inbetween them and crashed smack bamb into Sonny AHHH!! He yelled both of us got splashed by a jet of cool water we both laughed and then we kayaked on, Jody came racing towards us and splashed us the 2nd time typical “come on we just dried”.

Logan shouted “let’s get ready for shooting. We all walked around the corner. Logan showed us how to load and fire the air rifles.We had to wear safety glasses.

The low ropes activity: (oh this looks promising doesn't it, I thought) there was a nearly vertical bridge across a ditch great but amazingly I crossed it. Next was a wire with two ropes on the side. Well at least this one didn't look so bad. I crossed it with ease now the nearly impossible looking one was a wire triangle and you had to hold on a rope. Sounds impossible right? but guess what? I make it, yay! “This one looks fun,” I said. You have to stand on a wire and hold onto a rope you have to swing along like tarzan, but standing on a wire. Now for the final low ropes activity this is probably the easiest out  of them all. There was two wires that got wider the further you go out. At the end I nearly did the splits.

I want to go back again please!!!

By Rian


  1. Great writing, Rian. Exciting and engaging! I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  2. I liked you explanations of your experience on camp. Perhaps you could add more to your final paragraph about going back again and what you would like to do next.