Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trey's Camp Recount

              TREYS CAMP
             IN ROOM FIVE

I woke up I set my alarm clock for 5 .a.m because I knew it was camp I woke Mum up. I got to school wondered who I was going with.When I found out I went to go fined Sonny. When we were playing he said I was being annoying then the bell rang. “Come on Sonny we have to go.” I was in the car with Jack Zoe Tara and Jody when we got there we were a bit late. Everyone gathered around to hear where we were staying. I went to put my bag on my bed then went out to free time. I asked Sonny What we should do. Should we play on the playground? “Yes” said Sonny. “Let’s go” I said.

It was my turn, I had to do abseiling but I had to do caving first. I didn’t want to do it but Luca said she would take me. Then she showed me the way she went. When we were climbing I got stuck because of the side step. I couldn’t find the foot hole. Luca went to go get help. I said “go as fast as you can” and started to shouting “help, help, I’m slipping. Please help me.” Then I saw Mr M and Zoe. Mr M and Zoe pulled me up and Mr M showed me the way to the top of the climbing tower then back down. It was scary.

This was the best camp I ever had.

By Tremaine     

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  1. Wow Tremaine
    Awesome story, I'm sorry you felt so scared but so very proud of you for going through the tasks!!!
    Wish I could have joined you all on camp.
    Love from Mum