Thursday, May 5, 2016

Introducing the Paroa School Lyric Writing Competition!

Two years ago we had an epic school song that fitted in with our school values at the time. Unfortunately, when the values changed at the start of last year the song was no longer relevant. Over the holidays I booked some time in Lydia St Studios and recorded a backing track for a new school song. I recorded myself singing an idea of some lyrics, but I think it would be much better if the lyrics were written by you guys so I'm going to run the Paroa School Lyric Writing Competition.

The rules are simple:
  1. The lyrics must be about Paroa School and reflect the positive nature of the school and unique environment here. 
  2. The lyrics must include the school values - The Four C's: Caring, Confident, Connected, Creative.
  3. The lyrics should include other things such as BTB and generally paint a picture about how awesome this school is.
  4. You must be happy for your lyrics to be used in the school song if you win. 
  5. You may have to be prepared for suggestions about to make your lyrics BTB before we record if you win. 
  6. They must be submitted to me by Friday the 3rd of June 2016 by 2.48pm.
Mr M's Tips for songwriters:
  1. Check out my lyrics. You are welcome to keep any parts that you really like if you wish. Personally I can't see how you can make the chorus do a better job of making it clear that the song is about Paroa School so personally I would consider keeping this in your version. It's up to you though. 
  2. Sing along with the backing track as you write your lyrics. Your lyrics must fit in with the melody of the song. See me if you don't understand what I mean by that.
  3. Have fun, music is awesome
What will we do with your lyrics you may ask? Well, I plan to record some of the talented singers at the school singing it and we'll put it over the backing track. In term three we'll make a music video that includes the whole school and share it with the world. 

Here is the Anthem demo with my lyrics

Here is the Anthem backing track for you to sing along with

1 comment:

  1. Hello Mr M,

    Room 7 are stoked to be part of this project. We are looking forward to sharing our lyrics with you shortly. We all agree with the chorus staying the way it is.


    Mr McAulay