Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pre-Term Preparation

Kia Ora All,

I hope everyone has had a super holiday and you are all feeling recharged and ready for another term. Here are some things you need to be aware of to be on the front foot for the first week.

  • I'll be asking the students to do a recount of their holiday for a writing sample which I'll use for assessment purposes. Could you please talk to your child about their holiday experiences and jot down some ideas with them prior to returning to school on Monday so that they have a solid idea about things that they could include. This doesn't need to take long, but does help with making sure students are prepared with ideas that they're excited to include in their writing. 
  • Some ideas include: top 3 things they did, people they saw, a funny thing that happened, funny or memorable things that may have been said (to help them include dialogue in their piece), places you may have gone or activities you did that they might like to write about, something scary they did or any other similar holiday related stuff.
Museum Visit
  • The Motueka Museum visit was postponed to Wednesday of week 1. We'll be heading off at 11.00 for the1.00pm session and will retrun after the busses have gone. 
Catering Tins
  • I'm looking for around 12 of the really big tins that caterers or restaurants buy containing fruit etc (empty) for an activity later in the term. Please let me know if you can help out.
Maths Home Learning
  • Please view this video about some ideas that you can do this term to work on your child's maths. I'll aim to do 2-3 more videos this term with different maths strategies as we cover them in class.

Max also did a neat video demonstrating a similar strategy. I'd recommend clicking here and checking it out for further ideas.

Rock On,
Mr M

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