Saturday, February 24, 2018

Week 5

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

Week 5 is upon us already. Here's the heads up.

  • Great job with homework overall. Fantastic to see some really solid home learning going on. Just a gentle reminder to send your child's homework book to school on Monday as it's a real pain to set them up, check spelling etc if it isn't at school.
  • I'm going to be testing essential spelling this week so you'll probably notice a difference in the types of words your student brings home in the next week or 2. Currently they're from inquiry, incorrectly spelt words from their writing or interesting vocabulary from around the classroom.
  • We're starting numeracy in Maths this week. For this term in numeracy, we're spending roughly a 5 week block looking at addition and subtraction. Maths Buddy tasks will be set weekly that tie in with this so please make the most of that opportunity if you have the internet at home. If you don't, your child still gets plenty of time at school to complete tasks.
  • Meet the teacher evening is this Wednesday. Room 2 is at 6.30 I believe.
Rock on,

Mr M


  1. How long is the parent evening? Have a high school one on the same night at 7pm

    1. Hard to know, but you're welcome to head off early. Cheers

  2. Hi Tom, thank you for your informative updates, they are are much appreciated, kind regards Amanda