Saturday, May 19, 2018

Week 3 - What've We Been Doing?

Kia Ora All,

Last week was another big week in Room 2. On Friday Malcolm (who is a Teacher Aide tagged in to Room 2 one hour a day) dropped his usual maths and reading program and utilised his expertise as a hockey coach to give the kids a more in-depth session than I'm able to. What a great bunch of sports people there are in Room 2. I'm consistently impressed with both their skill and sportspersonship. 

The Majority of students also finished their one point perspective art. The finished works are on the wall in Room 2, but here are some (slightly budget - sorry about that) photographs of the finished product. I thought the kids produced absolutely stunning works. 

Just a reminder that Maths Buddy tasks are set weekly. If you don't want to do MB at home, that's absolutely fine - the students have time within the maths programme to work on it. 

In terms of reading material at home: most of the students renew their books weekly at the library, and the majority seem to go to the town library regularly. Reading to your child nightly is recommended - a chapter book of interest is ideal. Also, I think it is absolutely realistic for your child to be reading a minimum of 15 minutes per night themselves (again, chapter book of interest and appropriate level). Now's a good time to check in with your child about what they're reading and get routines in place for reading to them if you don't at present and it fits with the family schedule.

Rock On,
Mr M

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