Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Slice Of (Mid-Term!) Life From Room 5

Last week some members of the Motupipi School Rock 'n' Roll Choir sang at the Playhouse as part of an evening put on by the Golden Bay Choir. It was an awesome evening. Great job Gabriel, Chloe, Carmyn, Max, Aliana and Aurora!

We've also been leaning about cyber safety. This week we did some online readings and one from the School Journal about what a digital footprint is and what you should and shouldn't share online. Here are some DLO's created by the students talking about how to keep yourself safe online. We're all still in the process of learning how to make our videos look really slick, so enjoy the effort these guys have put into preparing and presenting their information.

Rock On,
Mr M

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  1. These videos are great. Nice work. Love the comment " if you like these videos, please press the subscribe button". "You Tube" era :-)