Sunday, June 4, 2017

Welcome to Week 6

We're churning through the term and will be half way through the year before we know it! Here is a heads up for what's on this coming week.

  • This week we're going to start character description in writing. A character description is a piece about a person that the author knows really well and means a lot to them. We'll be describing what they look like, the sorts of things they say, the sorts of things they do and any funny or interesting anecdotes about them. Please have a chat to your child about a person of significance to them that they may like to write about. If you have a photo, I can photocopy it for them so that they have it there while they write. It can also be a good idea to jot some ideas down with them so that they come to school prepared to write.
  • We'll also be writing letters thanking the helpers at the Marae last week. It was an awesome day and the students had a wicked time. 
Rock On,

Mr M

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