Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week 6 Update

Kia Ora All,

Welcome to a new week. As usual, here is a heads up:
  • Daffodil day was awesome, the students had a blast. Thanks so much to all those who donated ingredients, baked with their children, lent kitchen appliances, and came in to help out - we couldn't have done it without you. 
  • Hockey was a ton of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed coaching a year 5/6 mixed team on the day. Again, thanks to all who came along to help out. My favourite part of the tournament was seeing many students start from humble beginnings on the hockey field and improve at an astronomical rate to be playing with enjoyment and confidence by the end of the day. 
  • Please make sure spelling notebooks come to school on Monday.
Maths - Probability
  • This week in maths we will be making predictions about "what’s in the bag?" by drawing cubes of two different colours from a bag (and then returning them). The more turns you take, the more you know about the cubes in the bag. You can then use this knowledge to make a prediction about how many of each colour there are in the bag. We'll be linking this in with the work we've recently been doing around fractions.  
Instructions for: What’s in the bag?
Put a total of six buttons (or counters) of two colours in a paper bag or container that you can’t see into. Ask your child to try to work out what colours the six buttons are by drawing out the buttons one at a time. It is important that the button is put back into the bag each time. Let your child do this as many times as they want until they are ready to predict the colours (drawing a diagram is an excellent way of keeping track). Ask them to explain their prediction and then let them look in the bag. Next time let your child make up a bag for you to work out. Enjoy making your predictions and seeing if you are right!

Rock On,

Mr M

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