Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week 3 Update

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

Welcome to Week 3, a.k.a the week that the fledgling speech writers get to unfurl their wings and leap into the great unknown - wish them luck.
  • Speaking of luck, some of the students need a little more just than luck: a few of them still need a finished speech... If your child is amongst this group of optimistic procrastinationers, could I respectfully suggest that you give them a gentle nudge this arvo if you get a chance. They may be able to access their speech via their google account if they typed it last week, if not, I know that quite a few students did take their writing books home on Friday. 
  • The final flurry of speech preparation happens tomorrow. Then all names will go into a hat and the order they come out will decide the order in which students deliver their speeches. I'm aiming to film them and hopefully put some of them up on the blog if the sound quality turns out good enough.
  • The sports that we're playing at school presently are hockey and miniball in preparation for some tournaments coming up. 
  • The fractions juggernaut continues to roll along. This tends to be the most confusing area of numeracy for students. Any cooking / cutting up of fruit etc you can do with your student is beneficial. 
  • Here is a short video that suggests another fraction activity for home learning.
Rock On,
Mr M

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