Saturday, March 10, 2018

Week 7 Update

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

We've been burning through our World of Whales inquiry. Here's a pic of the students beside our inquiry wall. In the background you can see some lift-the-flap toothed whale fact files shaped like orcas. You can also see some colourful fact files about baleen whales on the right hand side.

Here are some whale art pictures we did on Friday. The concept was to cut out a picture of a whale and use it as the basis for an art work with the rest being filled in with paint. The technique we worked on was creating a composition with a foreground, midground and background. 

 --- Also of Interest ---
  • Swimming sports is coming up on Wednesday. 
  • Training for the triathlon will also be kicking into gear this week to build confidence and endurance in running, biking and swimming. 
  • Class camp will be going ahead in Term 2 at this point. I'm looking at a trip to Nelson for a few days to do some activities that enhance next term's inquiry topic.
Rock On,
Mr M

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