Sunday, July 2, 2017

Final Week Update

Kia Ora All,

Just a couple of things to update everyone about this week:

  • As part of measurement in maths, we'll be designing and making rainbow jellies this week. We've practiced measuring and designing using a normal shaped cup. On Tuesday, I've told the students to bring in an interesting shaped glass if possible. Nothing too special just in case it gets dropped or broken! They'll find out how much liquid it'll hold and design a jelly that will be built in that cup.
  • Also, the BTB points auction will be on Friday. I'll be letting the students know about bringing stuff in to donate to the auction. Just like last time, nothing expensive or overly big. Old toys, unwanted clothes, small stationary items or similar are always popular. The more donated items we have, the more fun the auction will be.
Rock On,
Mr M

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