Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rainbow Jelly DLO's

As Promised, here are some photos and videos of the measurement unit we did at the end of last term making rainbow jellies. We're slowly making progress around learning how to talk about our learning and explain it in a DLO (Digital Learning Object - otherwise known as a video). Here are three DLOs that a lot of effort went into. If you have any feedback about what students did well and how they could make their DLOs BTB (Better Than Before, our class motto), please leave a comment. I liked the enthusiasm and planning that went into them all. I found the ones that used full screen video easer to understand and the ones that use humorous backgrounds and a small window showing themselves speaking harder to tell what was going on. What do you reckon?

Rock On,

Mr M

1 comment:

  1. Great work with this DLO!! I can see that a lot of care and thought went into the planning and execution of not only the activity, but also in putting together the videos. Look forward to seeing more of your work!!
    Keep smiling.