Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Angus and Emily Cross Country

It was the day of the big primary schools cross country. Clap!
The two wooden blocks clapped together. I raced like the
wind and up to the front. We all ran round a bend and up
the road. We were near the finish line. Ashton S was right
behind me and we both ran so fast that everything around
me was a blur. I came 4th and Ashton came 5th. It was the
best cross country ever.

It was the big day it was the 4/7/18. The golden bay primary
school cross country. It was time for the 9 year old girls. On
your marks get set go! I sprinted as fast as I could. We had
a much longer path then last year. It was very tiring. I lost both
of my shoes. At the end I sprinted with the rest of my energy.
I felt spectacular.

By Angus and Emily

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