Sunday, July 1, 2018

Room 2 Is Wowed

Last week room from Motupipi School went to the World of Wearable Arts for their superlative class camp. When they got out of the car there was a ginormous sign spelling WOW.’’I can’t wait to see some of these superb costumes,” exclaimed Ryan, a Room 2 Student. Mr M pays and they rushed inside like an angry horde of buffalo. They took one look at the suits and ran back out again. “Oh my gosh those suits look so realistic," stuttered Lochie. They went back in and looked around. The costumes were so cool. There was one jaw dropping costume in the middle of the room. It had one ginormous eye in the middle of its head and claws as sharp as knives. "That one looks like a hairy Cyclops,’’ said Louis. There was an extremely weird one in the middle of a turning thingy. ”It looks like a double ended toilet brush,” choked Aonghus  laughing. After that they headed to the cool car section. They went to the back and saw a Formula One, the fastest racing car in the world. “I am totally WOWed,” punned Ashton. After that They went back to camp.

By Kahu


  1. I like how you put good vocab!!!!

  2. I like how you put in awesome words like superlative and jaw dropping.It was a great recount.