Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Deathly Cross Country - Kiyo

It was my turn to race. My legs were turning into jelly. "On your marks. Get set. Go!" I sprinted off with jelly legs. The farm was really muddy, I had mud all through my feet. I sprinted at the end. I came 7th. It was a really tiring day.

- Kiyo

It was my turn to race. I had  legs like noodles in the deathly cross country! But before I could take a breath the race started. I was sprinting my hardest & there was a farm that was really muddy. But before I knew it I was at the finish. My heart was pumping & my friend tied with me. We both came 10th. We were super proud of ourselves. We just ran the deathly cross country!


It was my turn to race in the dreadful cross country. I was so nervous I had jelly legs. Next thing I know I  was sprinting so fast I was about to fly. So i I was halfway there and I hit the farm. I sprinted past my sister. I Went scrabbling threw the bush and came out the other side, turned a corner, and went face to face with the stunning finish line.

By Aonghus

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