Thursday, March 16, 2017

Emily's Camp Recount

Camp bridge valley .         I Woke up too exited  to speak .I got dressed not a moment to lose . I jumped in the car like a   boomerang.I knew it was going to be awesome !!! We arrived there. No one knew what was going on it was a … raft race. We went to our  teams. When it was my turn my heart was beating like drums with no air .I was so scared  of the eels .Then I got on the raft . Kick and kick ...till I  got Dragged under the raft I was crying I could have died . The day went fast I didn't like the first day of camp .Because I got dragged but the rest was fun I guess. SWIMMING .The diving platform it felt like it was 300m high but it was not .I jumped into the eel eating lake !I went to Aliana and we swam to the little island .We wanted to go on the tramp so we did till Emma’s dad threw us off . It was really fun I hope to go back .
WATER SLIDE.The water slide was so small .I went on it .It’s so fast Mr Cullen pushed me when I was on the slide .I went so fast I hit my head at the bottom  .They were super fast the black one was the Fastest by far .It felt like a flying monkey on a slingshot .I wanted to do more but Mr Cullen said that's for tonight.

I love it so much I hope to go back again!!!!

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