Saturday, March 25, 2017

Welcome to Week 9

Kia Ora All,

Welcome to week 9. I'm back on deck this week as my wife's back is much improved.
  • The rocky shore mini inquiry is under way. Any extra research you do at home is always useful around inquiry topics such as this one. If you're looking at spicing up your home learning programme or daily reading sessions with your child, I'm sure they'd enjoy doing some research with you on the internet. This would tie in with a writing opportunity if you're looking for one. Drawing a diagram of a sea creature and researching facts to include on the diagram would be a potentially neat wee home learning experience.
  • I've been continuing to monitor and set new tasks on Maths Buddy. Students have time at school of course, but if you want to include maths in your home learning programme and haven't yet looked at Maths Buddy with your child, I'd encourage you to do so.
  • Well done to those of you who managed to locate your child's writing on the blog and leave a comment. If you haven't managed to do so yet, below is a short video about how to go about it. 

Rock on,
Mr M

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