Thursday, March 30, 2017

Information Report

Kia Ora All,

This week we've been reading and highlighting the key ideas in information reports about sea creatures related to our Rocky Shore inquiry. Next we've been making notes (hopefully in our own words) in our reading books. In writing time, we are currently in the process of producing our own information reports about the creatures we read about during reading time.

If you want to link your home learning programme to a school activity this week, you could read an article of interest with your child and get them to show you how they take notes. Here is a website with some fish fact files. You will also find others with a quick google search.

Then you could look at the success criteria below (I always have a goal and success criteria for writing time, this is an example from this week's writing programme). You could get your child to use the notes you took in your reading to write their own information report on the animal you researched.

Rock On,

Mr M

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