Thursday, March 16, 2017

Teru's Camp Recount

We were pulling up the drive to BRIDGE
VALLEY adventure camp my car was
Going psycho i was so excited my heart was  pounding like a hammer.
I saw the Hydro slide it looked
AWESOME we got told were our
Cabins were our in them i was with
Kahu,Kiyo,Louis, Lochie, Brody, Aonghus. First activity we had was climbing. I made it the highest in my group. Next we had high ropes. It was like all these really strong metal ropes. We are wearing harnesses and clips called carabinas. We also used tweezels to open and close your harnesses. That was a big day, I thought. We had dinner and dessert and saw all the photos of the day.

We had a good sleep and then went in the kayaks. I’m not that good at kayaking but I still loved it. That night we got to go on the hydroslide. I went on it first with Zeb. I was as fast as a zooming rocket. So we did it again and again until I said “Let’s go on the black slide.” That was even faster. We went on the aqua tramp for a few minutes and then we went on the diving board. It was a really high diving board. I was going to do a front flip, but I decided not to. Again we had dinner and another good sleep and we also saw the photos of the day. We had another good sleep.

I was really tired in the morning and it was the most tiring day. The first activity we had was abseiling. I loved abseiling, probably more than high ropes. It was a bit scary, but really extremely fun. We made some damper, it was delicious but smoke got in my eyes, it burnt. My damper cooked really quick. Then we played a game called get fresh.

Then we played a game that was even more fun. It was called Drip, Drip, Drop. It was like Duck, Duck, Goose except you go drip, drip drop. On drip you drip some water on their hear. But if you want to say drop on someone you drop a full bucket of water. And then Logan got a whole bucket of water, and guess who he poured it on? It was me! I got soaked.

It was getting late so we went caving. We found the Gorilla with eyes of glowing red. It looked sick. We had dinner and dessert and then we looked at the photos of the day. They were funny.

We went to sleep and in the morning we had breakfast, it was yum. It was the last day. We used the air rifles. I shot 3 targets. We also did archery I hit the target 3 times. It was my 3rd favourite activity.

Then we had iron man race. All the teams versed. It was like first person ran, second person kayaks, third person jumps off the diving board, fourth person ran, fifth person did the obstacle course, sixth person ran, seventh person did the playground, eighth took the basketball shot and got it in, ninth ran, tenth caved, eleventh ran (which was me). We won.

Bridge Valley was so fun!

By Teru

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  1. Great story Teru!! I didn't realise you were doing all these activities at camp!!
    I can picture your excited smiley face you must have had there from reading this story.
    What kind of food did you have there? What was like to share the room with your friends??
    I look forward to reading more of your stories.