Thursday, March 30, 2017

Home Learning Update

I've had a couple of parents recently enquiring about home learning. I have done blog posts in the past about what I consider to be a solid home learning programme. Homework is of course optional, a decision to make as a family, but there is a homework sheet available if your family participates. It is up to your child to pick up a homework sheet themselves, but I do endeavour to check them weekly and read any comments from parents about what they've been up to at home. Here are my recommendations.

  • I feel strongly that students need to be reading a novel daily at home for 20-30 minutes.
  • Reading to your child daily is also highly recommended.
  • Reading Eggs is a good supplement to novel reading, a few people have let me know that their child tends to guess the questions rather than actually reading properly. This isn't an issue I've run into in the past to be honest, but is something to be mindful of at home. I monitor what the students are up to when they are working on the programme at school.
  • Maths Buddy is a super way of getting some maths into the home learning programme. I set tasks weekly and these can be completed at home.
  • Daily diary writing or similar is a classic home learning task.
  • I do try to suggest home learning tasks related to the class programme via the blog as they occur to me. Keeping up with my weekly updates will give you occasional ideas.
You won't do all of these things all the time (except the reading hopefully), but in my view they are all useful tasks that will help your child learn. 

Rock On,
Mr M

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