Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Motupipi School Science Fair Recount - Taylor and Rian

The outstanding science fair  

Yesterday was the awesomely wicked motupipi school science fair!
The science fair is when the whole school comes together to do the most mind blowing experiments. they are so amazing, they will very likely blow your mind!

One of our favorite experiments was the balloon hovercraft. it was one of the coolest experiments because they hovered about two millimeters off the table because there is a thin layer of air that keeps them up. They can slide across the table with ease.

The glowing tonic water was one of the best out of all of them to learn about. It was really cool because you could tell what was tonic water and what was not the tonic water. Tonic water glowed because it had a special chemical that made it glow.

The room 3 lego experiment was making lego fidget spinners. It was super cool because you got to make your own. making a lego fidget spinner is all about the design and the base and how stable your spinner is. The best time was one minute five seconds.

The Motupipi science fair was so awesome that we think that it is the best out of all the science fairs we’ve had.

By Rian & Taylor

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