Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science Fair Recount - Trey and Aonghus

Yesterday was the mind blowingly fantastic Motupipi Science Fair!!

The science fair is when everybody makes an experiment and a stunning display. The science fair is also a time for kids to show their parents and grandparents what they have worked on. Everybody loved the breathtaking day.

Our favorite experiment was Room Four’s UV Light experiment. I ran in. I was so excited to see this experiment. When it started I had to be super quiet.  The glow was incredible.  Everyone that had a white T-shirt on glowed.  They tried to confuse us with the tonic water and the normal water.  They switched the bottles around.  But I already knew!  

The whole science fair was astounding.  We are looking forward to trying one of the other experiments next year.

By Trey and Aonghus

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