Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science Fair Recount - Jack and Teru

Yesterday was the fantastically legit Motupipi science fair. The science fair is a stunning place to show off your best and greatest science experiments. We invite families to come and see our marvellous science experiments.

Our favourite experiments were Ooblek and the vortex. The Ooblek was squishy, but when you put force into it, like punching it, it feels really hard. The vortex span like a tornado in a bottle!

Our stalls were the Balloon of Greatness and Super Duper Hoopers. The Balloon of Greatness is where you put white vinegar in a bottle and baking soda in a balloon. Then you put the balloon on the bottle and the force of the baking soda and vinegar creates stunning carbon dioxide which creates the champagne like fizz. We felt like we had just won the America’s Cup.

The super duper hoopers are a little hoop stuck on a straw that flies through the air. They have a small hoop on the front of the straw to stop it turning off track and a big hoop on the back of the straw to create the drag to make it fly.

It was an incredibly breathtaking day.

1 comment:

  1. It was such a fun afternoon, wasn't it?
    Well done to you both and well done to all the children as well as the teachers.
    I love how you put all those exciting words in your writing. I can picture how much fun the whole school had from reading it even if I had not been there. Great job Jack and Teru. Super writers!