Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science Fair Recount - Louis Kahu

Yesterday was the flabbergasting science fair. The science fair is when all the classes break into separate groups and do different experiments. Then we invite adults and outside people into our school for a thrillingly mind-blowing science fair day.The science fair is a thrilling opportunity to learn about science experiments that the other kids have been doing for the past week.  

Our favourite experiment was the phenomenal lava in a cup. Lava in a cup was when a group got orange food colouring, water and mixed it up in a cup. Then they put palm oil on top of the water. Then they poured salt into the and it looked like breathtaking blobs in a bottle.

By Louis and Kahu

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  1. Great superlative writing!
    All your science project were exciting and I could see that a lot of time and effort had gone into making the information boards, planning the experiments as well as putting together an interesting introduction and explanation of your work!!
    Great work as always.
    Bring on Science Fair 2018!!
    Thank you Mr M for being a great teacher to room 5.