Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science Fair Recounts - Kiyo and Brody

Yesterday was the marvellous mind-blowing Motupipi School Science Fair. The science fair is when the school gathers around and shows cool science projects like Brody's balloon inflater and Kiyo’s balloon rocket! The science fair is a perfect opportunity to show off how good we really are at science.

My balloon inflater was incredibly fun. I learnt that when vinegar and baking soda mix it creates carbon dioxide. Jack, Rian and I mixed them both in a sprite bottle with a balloon as the lid instead of a cap. It started to blow up the balloon with the force! - Brody

Lochie and I did the balloon rocket. We were going to try to make a balloon on string go 4.5 meters. So how does it work? It’s all about the air and thrust. The air rushes out of the balloon and creates a forward motion called thrust. This makes the balloon float across the room!

My favorite project was the vortex in a bottle!! Brody’s favorite experiment was blobs in a bottle!

IMG_0447 2.JPG

By Kiyo + Brody

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