Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Motupipi Science Fair - Carmyn and Emily

On Wednesday the 20th of September Motupipi School had the extraordinarily phenomenal SCIENCE FAIR !!!!

The science fair is when all the classes make mind-blowing projects!!! Then when everyone’s projects are ready parents, grandparents and kids come to see your breath-taking astounding experiments. It lasts the whole afternoon

Our favourite experiment was the tonic water. The tonic water glowed in the dark because of the chemicals in the water!!! The lava lamp was pretty cool too. It didn’t glow, but it still was awesome. We liked because blue and orange bubbles popped from the bottom in a startling way.

The science fair is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about the thrilling science. One day we could be scientist and make flying cars and stuff like that!!!

So the science fair is the best idea in the WORLD !!!

By Carmyn and Emily H.

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