Thursday, June 14, 2018

Room 2 Flip's Out - Kiva

Last week Motupipi School’s Room 2 flipped out at Flipout in Nelson as part of their outstanding class camp. “I bet you this is going to be spectacular,’’ shouted a Room 2 student called Malika excitedly when Room 2 came to the entrance. Firstly they had to put on a pair of phenomenal flip out socks then room 2 rushed into the world of bouncy trampolines. About half of room 2 stampeded to the trampolines, other half stampeded to the miraculous foam pit. Then one of the room 2 students called Emily got stuck in the foam pit and the teacher had to pull her out. “that was a terrific time,’’ said a room 2 student called Olive as room 2 went back to camp.

By Kiva 

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