Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Amazing Walk - Charlie

Last week R2 from motupipi school walked up the center of NZ as
part of the their spectacular, phenomenal and mind blowing school
camp at Tahuna Top Ten holiday park. “This is going to be a fabulous
and tiring walk,” thought Kiva as they stepped into the cars.
The class ate morning tea up on the seats were you would sit and
watch people play soccer, rugby and loads of other sports.
They could hear leaves rustling in the wind like a pair of hedgehogs
playing together in the leafs. Once they had morning tea, they
headed to the bottom of the hill and started to walk up. They could
feel the wind blowing against them. After about 30 minutes they
had a quick lunch and a few photos and then they headed back
down to founders park. “That was banana peeling awesome,”
said Louis as they stepped  onto the playground at founders park.

By Charlie

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