Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Phenomenal Dunn Trail - Aonghus

Last week, Room 2 from the legit Motupipi School went on a phenomenal breathtaking camp. One of the staggering activities the spectacular Room 2 did was the astounding Dunn trail. ”I can't believe we have done the dunn trail” said the powerful Louis and the fabulous Janet. We spit into two groups, the experienced ones and the non-experienced ones. We started biking up and down hills and along flats. On the second round I hit a loose rock and went thumping down a four meter cliff and almost broke my leg. My blood was running through me faster than usual. I felt pain all through my body. ”Next time I do that I think I'll do the switchbacks properly”. I said to Mr M.

By Aonghus

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