Thursday, June 14, 2018

Room 2’s Miraculous camp at Tahuna Camp!!!!

Last week Room 2 from Motupipi School went to Flip Out as
part of their beyond awesome camp. “I felt excited when we
got there,” said Angus. When we got there, everyone was
waiting to go to the best Flip Out in the world. When we got to
Flip Out, everyone put socks on, but one person put a sock
on top of a plaster. At the end she took her sock off and the
plaster came off with it!! The worst thing about that is that it
was a Flip Out sock and the next person who uses it is going
to have a plaster in their sock - ew!! Everyone went straight to
the legit foam pit. People did crazy flips. Kahu did magnificent
flips. “I bet he felt fantastic,” I said to myself. “That was beyond
miraculous, it was a flipping awesome time,” said Charlie.
It was a superlative day...

By Carmyn B

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