Thursday, June 14, 2018

Room Two Rules the Wave Pools - Scarlett

Last week the awesome room two kids from Motupipi school went on their outstanding school camp at Tahuna,
They were going to the fabulous wave pools.”
This is going to be awesome,” shouted Olive, my best friend,
as we were driving to the Wave Pool. When we got inside,
I ran and did a big splash into the wave pool. It was so warm.
Ruby nearly gave me a heart attack when she jumped into
the pools, she did a big belly flop. Mr C, our principal, was
throwing all the students into the water and Mr M, our teacher,
was pushing all the kids off their floaties whenever a wave
came. Mr M tried to hop on one, but he fell straight off the
floaty. Malika kept on saying “I can still taste all that chlorine
in my mouth, it’s disgusting!” We were just driving back to
the awesomest superb most jaw dropping camp at the time.
By Scarlett

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