Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Awesome Orienteering Course

Last week Room 2 of Motupipi school did a camp orienteering course for part of their Awesome class camp at Tahauna top ten holiday park in Richmond. Mr Cullen set up the orienteering course at camp the day before we did it. We did it on Friday (the last day of our camp). Once we were all packed up, we were allowed to the do the orienteering course. We each had a person to go with. My buddy was Aonghus. Before anyone could go, you had to get a clipboard and a vivid. When Aonghus looked at the map he said “I will never get any of these ’’. So we tried to find the easiest one. We finally found a easy one wich was beside cabin 66. It was tied to a tree. The marker was a piece of white plastic with a picture of a spider on it. Aonghus said I could do the drawing on the back of the Tahuna camp park map. The next one we found was one behind cabin 56. It was a picture of a horse. After that, we went to the 3rd closest one. It was tied to the camp living room. On the piece of plastic was a drawing of a fish skeleton. Once we did that, we had about 10 more to do. So we did as many as we could, but when it was time to come back to our cabins we only couldn’t find one. Then Emily said “I just need two more”. It was the best orienteering course ever.

By Angus

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