Thursday, June 14, 2018

Room 2 Gets Wowed! - By Lochie

Last week room 2 from Motupipi School went to the WOW museum as part of there super duper spectacular awesome class camp! “This place better than chocolate,’’ Ryan a room 2 student could be heard shouting excitedly on the way in to the awesome WOW museum. When the class got in the cool museum, they had to firstly get a sticker & then went into the awesome room were the suits were. The suits just WOW me, I did not think it would be this good!’’ said Kiva. Man, they were just super awesome burgers, ’’ Lochie shouted as we were going into a another room. But the next room was just awesome. It had a awesome ice monster, I wanted it for myself one day. As we were looking at the cool costumes, we went in a back room & there were glow in the dark costumes. I did not want to leave but eventually we did. “That was cool bananas, Lochie said on the way back to camp!!”

By Lochie

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