Saturday, November 4, 2017

Brody - Holiday Recount

My holiday was a mind-blowing eye opening breathtaking triumph.

Wwwooossshhh!!! "That was fun eh Luke?"
"Yes, again again again!" (luke is my brother)
"It will feel similar when we land."
It obviously got a bit shaky because Luke did a puke. I know you are thinking disgusting but luckily some of the people were nice on the plane.  The take off with Golden Bay Air was ok. Luke was playing on the I-pad and threw up all over the I-pad and my best pants.

We landed at Wellington and stayed with our grandparents for a week. Then an eight hour drive to Gisborne to see our Uncle Steve and Auntie Robin and cousins Cole and Jordie. Anyway, time to bring out the shotguns - literally.  We got to shoot shotguns and a 22.  Me and Luke used the shotgun first, I only shot the clay bird once.  

It made this year the best year of my life.

By Brody

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