Saturday, November 4, 2017

Holiday Recount - Aliana

Just saying it's a little fiction.
My holiday was the most legitimate holiday ever it was out of this world.

It started like all other days ‘ahhhhhhhh’ screamed my younger brother Quinn
  ‘ohh thats it I’m going to kill you!’ screamed my other younger bro Saxon.
  I walked out and started to make my breakfast, then all of a sudden my dad comes out and says ‘OK GANG LET'S GO FISHING’
My dad says in a SUPER loud voice.  The boys all shout ‘YAAAAAAAY’
‘’But I just got up’ I said.
 ‘Too bad get dressed and then we're leaving’ he said annoyed.

I decided to do what he said. I got dressed and jumped right into the car to go. We got the rods done with bait and a hook and casted them out too sea.

One hour later we had seven cockabully, three spotties, and I caught a big fat sharky thing. Then my rod started to sink. I started to wind it in. while I was winding I thought of what could it be. I got it up to the surface and it was the awesome, amazing, the spectacular, eye - opening


The next week we had a baby sitter called Briley. She is also my stunningly awesome horse riding teacher and also, come to think of it, very heroic because she teaches like seven kids to ride nearly everyday. And she is very nice! Most days we have with her we go for walks to the school shop, which is out of this world because other baby sitters would just sit down for the day, and then when they go back to their house, they sit down for the rest of the day.

We got ready for the walk. We went for the majestic walk listening too the birds tweeting, watching the lambs and calves frolicing with their tails wagging as they drink their milk. It's just so adorable watching. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was like walking through an oasis. It was so blissful.
A few weeks later my Mum mentions… it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, can you go get me a gift… So dad rounds us up and we get in the tooth white car and go zooming into town to get a prezzie/ present/ gift.  ‘I know what she really wants’ I said to everybody. So they all followed me to the
Pohutukawa gallery and bought her a candle.
It looked a little like this


This is a little messy because of the computer

By Aliana

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  1. I really liked your story - great use of adjectives, especially the 'tooth white car' which brought a smile to my face. I hope your mom liked her candle.