Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rian - Holiday Recount

The holiday

I opened my eyes sleepily,”huuuu” I sighed just another normal day, or is it? And then I remembered it's the holidays! “Yes, yes, yes finally!” In a hop and a skip I jumped out of bed and put my clothes on, it’s finally the day I go to Taylor’s place. I felt super jacked to go to his place because I hadn't been there for a long time.

Just before we went, I grabbed my bag. It felt like I was going to school. But it wasn't school it was the holidays. I jumped into the car with an urge of energy and I wanted to get there as fast as I could because I wanted to see him so badly. When I arrived There I jumped out of the car and ran to him and said…. “Hi how are you doing. what do you want to do today?”

And what we did on that day made my holiday the best holiday I’ve had in a long time.

By Rian

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  1. Great introduction in setting the scene and hooking me into your recount. I would've loved to read more about what you got up to on that amazing day!!
    I am looking forward to read more of your writing.