Saturday, November 4, 2017

Taylor - Holiday Recount

                  The Holiday
Beep! beep! beep! My alarm went off. The nightmare continues, I whispered to myself. I stopped wriggling to hear the sound of the TV. I recognized the show it was Danger Mouse. I sat up aw! I hit my head on the top bunk.

I jumped out of bed as I remembered it was fishing day. My head exploded there was blood all up the walls! Woh! woh! woh! we went a little too far there, sorry for the dramatic exaggeration. I'm going to have to clean the blood up later. So where was I? Ah the fishing day.

One hour later we were out and about in the boat. The day got better and better as we got out there. Suddenly we stopped  and we threw our lines over the side and waited. Suddenly I felt a bite, a big bite!
“Dad dad get over here, I have a big one on the line.” Kim helped me wind it in. It was a big big snapper! I wrapped it up in a towel and placed it in the the chilly bin. It took up most of the room.
We could only caught 5 more. Next we put a net in the water and headed in to shore. We were going to come out and pick the net up at lunch time.

When we got home I grabbed my tablet and jumped on my bed. I looked at the walls while my tablet was powering on. Oh! I need to clean the blood up before my mum gets home.

Taylor Vickery

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