Saturday, November 4, 2017

Toby - Worst Day Ever

             This is bad.

Hi I’m Rob and I'm 16... and someone's just robbed me!
Great. Well anyway hi. I'll be back, I just need to see what
stuff has got stolen. At least I can call the cops.
Wait I can’t because my phone got stolen. At least
It can’t get any worse. 5 hours later… Awww come on….
The power’s not working. I’ll go get some breakfast.
Aha there's the candles.  One minute later: that’s the last one, Jeez I’m hungry. Bffaa!!!?!... Owa? Clang! Smash! Bang!? Crash! Pow! Splash?... Tinkle. I think I broke something… fwolf. It was just a carrot. Anyway… the 6th and 7th stairs are broken and the left chair leg and the table leg are broken and the wine cellar is going to blow up and the fireplace has 3 bricks gone now… and that’s it.

3 days later. Yay the power is back on… No wait.  That’s not the light… it’s a fire.  Where’s my phone, where’s my phone, where’s my phone?  Oh no I remember it got st...stolen. Then if my phone is not here I’ll have to use water. Ok I think this is water. Ok I’m next to the fire, here goes nothing… BBfffffff. Ok I have a confession to make.  The water wasn’t water, it was whiskey. And the worse part about this is that my parents are over in Christchurch for a few days.
And they also said when they left for Christchurch for me to look after the house or die. I think you get the point of it. Nice knowing you…

By Toby

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  1. Catastrophic!! Never having Robbie over to look after my house. Your story brought a smile to my face, thank you.