Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kiyo - Holiday Recount

My Holiday
Was a Stunning Holiday

The first thing I did was go Milnthorpe I caught a Kahawai within 40 seconds. It was amazing we had it for tea it tasted delicious.

Secondly the next stunning adventure was when my aunty my cousin and I went to the wave pool for the day it was an eye-opening day. After a stunning day at the wave pool, we went to have a very late dinner.

Thirdly I went to Totaranui for 2 nights. On the first day we unpacked then we went fishing off the beach suddenly I Got bites! I Was on! I was so excited but it was only a sand shark. We stayed up to 10:00pm and had marshmallows.

The next day  we went fishing off the rocks. We mostly caught baby cod. Suddenly my mum caught a stunning cod !!!!!!! We caught mullet for bait and that's how my mum caught the cod. We had it for tea!!

Once we got home I Went  fishing off the bench. My brother caught a gurnard!!!!!

By Kiyo

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